Berqnet: Ready to Refresh Your Cyber Security Knowledge?

Established in 2013 under Logo Yazılım, Berqnet is a domestic firewall product that provides solutions to the cyber security needs of businesses of all sizes.

When we met with Berqnet, they needed a digital marketing strategy that would both promote their products and raise awareness about cyber security.

First we decided to go to a small camp and refresh our cyber security knowledge, at the end of the day we were almost as knowledgeable and excited as a cyber security expert. In the second step, we rolled up our sleeves to create our brand’s dream social media strategy.

As a result, a business emerged that both draws the attention of internet users and raises awareness about cyber security and serves Berqnet’s brand awareness.

Our cooperation with Berqnet reminded us once again of a fact that we know: An effective and correct social media strategy requires not only creativity but also mastery of the subject.


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