Monofiyat: MONO, the most practical shopping site O!

Monofiyat, which emerged with the aim of making the consumer pay for the product, not the packaging, is a very young brand that offers quality technology accessories at affordable prices.

When our paths crossed with Monofiyat, only the name and product portfolio of the brand were known yet. In other words, an exciting brand creation process awaited us, in which we would be partners in every step from A to Z.

We started by creating the identity of Monofiyat. At the end of an intense and exciting work, all the DNA codes of our brand were clarified. In the second step, we created our logo that reflects the brand philosophy. The design that made both us and the brand happy was followed by corporate identity, website interface design and social media strategy.

We experienced the excitement we experience with each start-up during the creation process of the Monofiyat brand, and at the end of the day, a business that appeals to us and makes our chest swell has emerged.


Social media management

Content Production

Advertising Management

Community Management

Strategic planning



Brand identity

Corporate identity

Creative Campaign


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