Mundi: The World Is Awesome

Mundi was founded in 2019 under Can Publishing to publish books that open up horizons in every field, from novels to biographies, from psychology to science, that add meaning to life and reveal the magnificence of the world.

Although the brand is very young, most of the writers (such as Michelle Obama, Nejat İşler, Cenk Sözmezsoy) are well-known names.

We took our inspiration from Mundi’s own books when creating a social media strategy for Mundi, with whom we have been traveling together since the first “hello” to the readers: Colorful, intriguing, up-to-date and full of energy.

Continuing on its way with the motto “The World is Awesome”, Mundi’s digital marketing and social media management was also great for us!


Social media management

Content Production

Advertising Management

Community Management

Strategic planning

Digital marketing

Performance Marketing

Conversion Optimization

Media Purchasing

Digital Campaign

Measurement & Reporting


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