Can Yayınları wanted a website that reflects the importance it gives to its readers. Because the relationship between the brand and its readers was far more profound than the book selling. The purpose of the website was to develop these links and to provide a platform for Can Publishing readers to have a good time and find original content.


We started to create scenario alternatives on the behavior of readers in the framework of this brief. As a result, we have seen that readers want to reach original content and to be notified immediately of new books as well as being directed to appropriate books. We have prepared all the design and development processes according to these objectives. Thanks to the development on the labeling system, we have integrated all the books and contents. Thus, the content they like works with integrated books and can reach the reader. We have provided the user with a smart search system to easily direct the user to the appropriate books.


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Advanced Labeling
and Category System

Smart Search

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