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We socialize your brand!

If your brand’s identity on social media doesn’t make you happy, sit back and hand it over to WALKS’ social media team and enjoy your success on social media.

WALKS Let’s Social recreates your brand’s identity on social media.

Brand and Competition Analysis

Your social media presence is analyzed in all its aspects. What has been talked about you so far on social media The answers to many questions such as (or why you weren’t talked about), where are you compared to your competitors, what were the mistakes and truths made so far are analyzed and reported in detail.

Social Media Status Report

The data obtained in the brand and competition analysis is processed, interpreted and presented as a report with suggestions to be brought to the identified problems.

Creative Strategy

A creative social media strategy is prepared in accordance with the table that emerges in the analysis and report results and the determined targets. It is shared with you as a presentation along with the ideas that feed the strategy.

Creating Social Media Discourse Language

The language you will use in social media creates the identity of your brand. The most appropriate social media discourse language for you is determined and presented to you with examples.

Creating a Social Media Design Language

How will the creative social media strategy prepared specifically for your brand come to life in the visual world, what colors and fonts should you choose in social media, what kind of visual language should you use? All the details that make up your visual identity are determined and shared with the smallest details.

Annual Calendar

An annual social media calendar is prepared for you and all special days that concern your brand are determined for you in this calendar. You can see all the dates such as fun days that may be on the agenda in social media, periods that will create an opportunity to emphasize your products or services, and official holidays in this calendar, and you will know from the beginning of the year in which months special activities will be held.

Reputation Management and Crisis Plan

Timely action is vital in preventing potential social media crises and protecting your brand’s reputation. Alternative scenarios and action chains to be taken in these scenarios are determined for all crises that your brand may encounter in social media. Thus, a possible crisis is prevented by taking quick action in case of possible threat.

What Does Let's Social Benefit You?

It ensures that your brand is represented professionally on social media and creates the effect you dream of, thanks to the expert and excited team of WALKS.

Thanks to Let’s Social, you will not encounter unpleasant surprises on social media and you know that everything is under control.

Your increased awareness in social media will also be reflected in your sales, helping you reach your goals in a shorter time.

Increases Your Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness is the most important and fundamental step in the marketing funnel to gain customers. The fact that your customers remember you and that you are in a considered brand cluster has an important place in the purchasing decision process. If you think that your awareness is not enough, you are in the right place; Thanks to Let’s Social, the awareness of your brand in social media increases and becomes stronger in a short time.

Helps You Develop Strong Relationships

Another important issue after awareness is brand loyalty. With the interaction you will develop with your customers, you can build a strong brand perception and establish stronger customer bonds. Using the opportunities offered by social media platforms, brands have gained the ability to establish more advanced relationships with their customers by using new ways. Thanks to Let’s Social, you can establish solid and strong ties with your customers and increase your income, market share and profit.

Brings Your Website to the Masses

One of the biggest advantages of using social media marketing effectively is to increase your website traffic. Let’s Social makes social media platforms a powerful source of traffic for your brand and website.

Protects and Enhances Your Reputation

Reputation determines the future of your brand. The way to strengthen and protect your brand’s reputation is through a professional social media management. Let’s Social builds brand reputation for you on social media and both preserves and enhances that reputation at every step.

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